Ivo lives in Hamburg, Germany though the world has become his extended home. He had hoped to o become an actor, went on to study art and graphic design, and then began shooting scenarios with people for magazines. A few years later Ivo was approached by an art director to shoot his Volkswagen Golf in the same manner as he had captured images of women for his personal series. People and cars became a big success. As of 1990 he began to shoot worldwide for international clients like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Volvo, Samsung, IBM, Shell and Sony - to name just a few. Ivo has won more than 200 international awards. A few years ago he expanded his portfolio to include short films and video clips. Ivo is renowned and highly respected worldwide for his work. He now shares his expertise in his workshops.

I am rich

The grandest beauty of this job is with those whom I can share my wealth. We embark on adventures through unthinkable and unlikely corners of this planet together. With the guidance of those who have come before us I am led to what my eyes had not seen 'til now. With the curiosity of those who are at the start of their journey the experiences are created once again, as though for the first time. For every journey is its own, where new angles of vision create untouched soil once again. These encounters mean the world to me, what I have explored and have yet to explore. This is my true wealth, priceless moments, unable to be taken from me.